Experiential Enterprise Summit 2018

October 17, 2018
San Francisco, CA

The Experiential Enterprise Summit is a curated conference program inside VRS 2018 for professionals in corporate training, sales enablement, customer experience, and marketing & merchandising.

2018 Presenting Companies

Featured Speakers

Tricia Lall

Tricia Lall, Director at Lampix, will discuss how to turn any surface into a smart augmented reality canvas. The session will highlight how 3D interactive applications help companies simplify complex sales stories, increase sales productivity, and reduce marketing costs. The conversation is being moderated by J.C. Kuang, Analyst at Greenlight Insights.

Michael Ludden

Michael Ludden, Director of Product Management at IBM will present the latest research at the intersection between the emerging fields of AI and VR with use cases in science, training, therapy, rehabilitation, productivity, and education, including some of the work IBM Watson is doing with Interactive Speech Interfaces and Chatbots in VR.

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