Google’s Carpenter to Discuss WebVR at VRS

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Google is working to add fully immersive browsing capability to Chrome, allowing users to browse any part of the web in VR, not just those sites that are specially built for VR.

RoadToVR’s Editor-in-Chief, Ben Lang (a VRS 2016 Speaker), wrote in a June 2016 article, “Today you’d have to take your headset on and off as you go from a WebVR site to a non-WebVR site. Google’s ultimate vision however is to let people stay in VR for all of their web browsing.”


Allowing people to browse the web in virtual reality (aka “WebVR”) has been a goal not just for Google, but for many early internet pioneering companies, such as Mozilla and Samsung.


Looking ahead to Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 on November 1-2 in San Francisco, Google’s Josh Carpenter, UX Designer for Immersive Computing, will present during the pre-conference session on Lightning Round: Top Disrupting Technologies, 2020.

To learn more about WebVR, view this presentation by Josh Carpenter on Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web. Josh will speak on November 1st. To attend VRS 2016, purchase your ticket today while you still can!


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