From Big Box Retail to the Big Sports: STRIVR CEO to Talk Training Workforces with VR

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STRIVR, a virtual reality solutions company that uses VR to train athletes and improve human performance in the workplace, has an approach that capitalizes on the oft-unacknowledged mental workout of football: memorizing plays and practicing them in perpetuity until they stick. Where practicing plays on the field or in a classroom setting becomes physically and mentally exhausting, as well as time consuming, STRIVR’s approach puts players in a headset for between two and fifteen minutes. In five minutes, a player can get as many as 40 additional reps of a seven-on-second play that they wouldn’t get on the field.

And while training football players might still technically fall under the umbrella of entertainment and not utility, STRIVR has extended its reach into training the employees of an anonymous international retailer. This move suggests greater potential for expansion into many industries that necessitate repetitive mental training and memorization.

“[Training employees is] not unlike what a football team faces, where there’s only so much time to give people reps,” says STRIVR CEO Derek Belch. “You have to teach to have them prepared to play. It’s just a different type of play with an everyday job versus a game.”

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Belch will further discuss how his company’s approach to training the world’s top workforces  at his session “From NFL to Walmart: How to Use VR to Grow Your Human Capital” at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016.

Photo courtesy of STRIVR